Desert Hawks Seaplane Classic Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring?
Your airplane and radio of course, a folding chair, a good source of shade such as an umbrella or pop-up and a table for setting up your airplanes.

What is the weather like that time of year?
The weather in Lake Havasu normally starts out in the mid 60’s and highs reach low to mid 80’s. We have over 300 days of sun each year so odds are that there won’t be a cloud in the sky! Most people wear shorts and bring a jacket for cool mornings.

Where is the staging area?
The flight line is on the beach and pilots will set up their planes behind the flight line (still on the beach). Be prepared for some sand in your shoes!

Will I have to carry my equipment to the flight line?
No, we will have a loading/unloading area with ATVs and trailers. We will transport all your equipment to your reserved area.

What happens if my plane gets stranded/crashed in the lake?
We have retrieval boats at the ready. If you have special retrieval instructions for your airplane, please let the staff know in advance of your flight.

Can I fly 3D at this event?
Yes, 3D flying will be allowed for 10 mins at the beginning of each hour. We limit 3D flying to that time so that we can reduce the chance of an accident with other pilots who are flying the specified pattern.

How will the flight line be run?
We are pretty relaxed when it comes to flying. There are no schedules or allotted times (other than for 3D flying) because this event is all about having fun. There will be numerous flight stations so just look for an opening and have fun!

Are 72mhz systems allowed?
Yes, we will allow 72mhz on a limited basis. You must alert the CD at the time of registration if you will flying on anything other than 2.4ghz. 

Will there be food and drink at the event?
Yes, the club will be providing food and drinks all day (including breakfast) for a nominal charge.

Will there be vendors at the event?
Yes, we have a selection of vendors every year.

Will there be a Raffle?
Yes, there will be a pilot’s raffle and a general raffle this year.

Will there be seating for spectators?
We will have bleachers set up on the flight line and there are other picnic tables with shade around the property. It’s a good idea to bring a folding chair just in case.