Of course there has been a few delays in our field renovation project but we are hoping to get it started as soon as possible. Most of the construction companies are busy this time of year so if anyone knows someone who can help us out with the construction, contact any board member.

A big THANK YOU to the people who donated to this project!

We are still accepting donations for further field improvement. We really need to work on the parking lot and a few other small improvements before next fall. Donations can be mailed to the Desert Hawks Club or given to any board member.


Have you been interested in learning to fly radio controlled  airplanes or helicopters but never knew how to get started? Have you  been flying planes or helicopters for years and are searching for a  great place to fly? Perhaps you just like aviation and want to find like  minded people? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Desert Hawks  RC Club is for you! We have one of the best flying fields in the area,  along with a great group of people to fly with! 

We welcome all types of planes and helicopters from small electrics  to turbine powered jets. We are an AMA chartered club with low cost  yearly memberships available to every AMA member (or for our Canadian  friends who are MACC members). For those who are visiting for a few  days, we have open flying on Saturday mornings or a small per day charge for other days of the week.

2015 Seaplane Classic VIP registrations are now available online. See our Seaplane Classic page for more details.